Take the Data Entry Test from our website and find out how many words you can type without making gramatical and spelling mistakes in a time limit.

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Improve your typing speed

There are people who need to type a lot and being fast and accurate is important for their field of work. An average person can type approximately 45 words per minute with little to no mistakes. The more words a person can type the better their chances to get hired for the data entry position. This job can be in almost any field as long as a computer and a lot of typing is involved. Some employers will require a live test during the interview, so being prepared for it is important.

If you think you’d be good on such a position then you could test your skills with one of the many free Data Entry Tests found online. Most of them have the same features: the text to be typed, the text box where you type, the word and error counter and the timer: remember you only have a minute to type. Taking the same test over and over will improve your typing speed but it’s best to try out several of them. Most of the online Data Entry Tests make use of words, acronyms, names and numbers. The more typed words and the least spelling errors you have on the test, the more chances you have to get hired.

The best way to improve your data entry test skills is by getting used to the key’s location as well as using the numbers above the letters rather than the ones to the right of the keyboard. This is especially useful if you’re dealing more with a block of text rather than many numbers.